Chris showed his lump-free back

Many people are suffering from arthritis today. It is a painful inflammation and swelling in the joints commonly fingers and knees.

In the case  of Chris of Pasay City (surname withheld upon request), his first symptoms were that of tuberculosis  – cough,  sweating at night, spitting blood, fever, and weight loss. He could not think of any causes except for sleeping late and overfatigue from doing his freelance jobs.  So he was treated for TB for six months from June 2010.

But by January 2011, instead of getting healed, his condition worsened. His left knee swelled. Later his doctor found out he has TB Arthritis, an inflammation in the joints caused by tuberculosis.

He was given medications for arthritis, however, May 2011 his situation turned out for the worst – the swelling got bigger and extremely painful, he had to be on crutches, and his weight was down to 66lbs. As the days went by, he discovered a big lump on his left lower back. It turned out his spine was already infected as well. The doctor diagnosed  it as Pott’s Disease, another form of tuberculosis that affects the spine.  At this point, he could  no longer walk, he was in a wheelchair, he had to be carried to bed, had to be hospitalized often, and needless to say felt very hopeless

September 2011 his prayers were answered. One of his friends suggested he drinks Green Barley Total Food. He was skeptical at first, but when his friend told him his disease was cured by it, and upon thinking that there was nothing to lose, he tried it. Amazingly, after taking only two bottles in two days, the big lump on his spine bursted and a lot of  pus gushed out of it!.

He continued drinking one bottle of  Green Barley juice a day and eventually, the swellings on his knee and back were completely gone, his TB arthritis was healed! The live P4D1 enzyme and organic sodium (775mg/100g) naturally found only in green barley grass along with its other nutrients had helped make it all possible.  P4D1 enzyme is an anti-inflammatory agent that is stronger than steroid and non-steroid drugs, while the organic sodium dissolves calcium deposits in the joints.

Yet on top of that, Chris says its his faith in the Lord that healed him. And as he stood on the stage testifying during the recent “Barleyhan” just three weeks ago at Crossroad77 arena, he thanked God for giving us Green Barley Total Food, saying it is a very effective instrument of His healing power, and it certainly saved him from becoming a “hunchback”.

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GREEN BARLEY HEALS: SEVERE ASTHMA (The Charita Cepidoza Story) – By Lyn Danao

One time when I saw Ms. Charita Fernandez-Cepidoza (Tita Chari as we fondly call her) laughing so hard and so contagiously, I told her I could not imagine her not being able to do this for such a long time. She agreed, “Hay naku Lyn tama ka. Hindi ako nakakatawa nang ganito noon, konting salita ko lang hinihingal na ako.” (Yes, you’re right Lyn. I could not laugh this hard before. Every time I speak, I would run out of breath.)

Ms. Chari suffered severe asthma for 22 grueling years. It started when she was about 34 years old working in a semi-conductor company. The everyday commute (in a non-airconditioned bus) from her suburban Angono town to her office, which is about two hours, caused her frequent colds, allerginitis, and weak immune system. Add to that her depression after being widowed with two young children to raise. After two years, her condition got even worse. She often had hardness of breathing, watery eyes and rashes. Her work got affected.

Feeling sad and worried about her sickness, her sister Elena Estrella suggested she goes to America where she lives, hoping her condition would improve and she could get a job to fend for her children. With a heavy heart she went to Texas and was able to find a job right away. Yet even in that less-polluted state, Ms Chari said she still would have asthma attacks from time to time.

After her 3 1/2-year employment contract expired, she came back to the Philippines, but unfortunately it was where her asthma attacks became life-threatening. She would have asthma bouts and seizures twice a week, nebulizers and steroids didn’t work for her anymore, she would be in and out of the hospital always in the brink of dying. Her life was not normal, she could only stay in her air-conditioned bedroom and when she went out, it was only to the bathroom. She could not go out anywhere. She was like a prisoner in her own home!

In 2002, her doctor told her the bad news, “Maayos ang lungs mo, pero may kung ano sa environment natin dito na nakaka-allergy sau. Kaya bumalik ka na lang sa States kasi hindi ka mabubuhay dito.”  (Your lungs are okay, there must be a pollutant in our environment here that is causing your allergy. So you better go back to the US because you won’t be able to survive here.) She heeded his advice and that’s when she realized “her asthma literally separated her from her children.” (Green Barley Catalog 2012)

September 26, 2009 was a turning point. Philippines was being devastated by Typhoon Ondoy then. So worried about her children, Ms. Chari called them up, her daughter Charissa panicking, told her their house was being flooded, almost reaching their elevated terrace. It was at this point that Ms, Chari thought and felt it was going to be the last time she would hear her children. So she decided to go back to the Philippines, risking her health and life. Back home, her condition was the same but she did not care. She just wanted to be with her children no matter what.

Well it was a risk that turned out to be a blessing. After two years, her friend and officemate of 15 years Pastor Pete Cosico knocked on her door one time hoping that she might be in the country. He was glad to see her and Ms. Chari related to him all about her sufferings. Ptr. Pete told her to try Green Barley Total Food. At first she was hesitant saying she had tried a lot of herbal products before but none of them cured her asthma. What convinced her though was when Ptr. Pete told her, “Ang tagal nating magkaopisina, ngayon ka pa hindi maniniwala sa akin? Iyan ang nagpagaling ng diabetes ko at nagpahinto sa akin na mag-take ng insulin.” (We have been officemates for a long time yet you don’t believe me? This healed my diabetes and it made me stop injecting insulin for good.)

So Ms. Chari bought some bottles of Green Barley from him and tried taking only two capfuls a day. When Ptr. Pete followed her up after three weeks, she reported she was feeling something good about the product. She noticed that she could breathe normally, and when she went to the market one time and returned home, she did not have any asthma attack at all! Green Barley healed her severe asthma for good!

This was possible because of the “peroxidase enzyme” innate in barley grass which fights the effects of common environmental and cancer-causing pollutants like benzpyrene (from cigarrettes and smog), black char (from grilled food), and butylated hydroxytoluene (from canned goods)

And still there are other “miracles” that the Good Lord had blessed Ms. Chari through Green Barley. It healed her relationship with her children which was somehow strained when she had to leave them. She stopped taking all her medicine including the one for her high blood pressure which she developed while in Texas, she just continues to drink Green Barley juice. Incredibly she has not been hospitalized nor visited her doctor since. And she can laugh and talk heartily nowadays without the hardness in breathing. The most important miracle though is regaining back her normal life making her exclaim, “It’s as if I won the Lotto!”

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I have been a Green Barley Total Food dealer for just over a month when my good-looking cousin-in-law Darwin Maravilla excitedly pointed at Image
someone. He said to me, “Manay (that’s Tagalog for elder sister/lady), do you see that man standing by the counter? He used to have Parkinson’s disease.”

Really? Yeah right! At first I did not believe him because the man shows no signs of shaking at all. “It’s true manay,” Darwin tried to convince me. “He was cured incredibly by Green Barley, in fact his testimony will be included in the next catalog.” When the catalog (of products and documented healings) was launched during the 6th Anniversary of Health Wealth International Corporation last March 30 at the San Juan Arena, indeed Mr. Ernesto L. Javier’s story was there. Image

Among the many diseases that Green Barley had cured, I chose to feature his in this very first Green Barley blog of mine because it’s one of those that doctors say is incurable, yet there is proof that it can be cured! So I requested Darwin to intImageroduce me to him for an interview. The man gladly related his story beaming with gladness.

At a young age Mang Ernesto worked as a bagger at CVC Supermarket Caloocan City branch for a many  years but when it closed down, he bought a tricycle from his savings and started driving it as a source of income. He also served as a barangay councilor for three terms.

Over the years he developed diabetes and was spending around  P42/day for his maintenance medicine. In 2007 he was hit by tuberculosis and was feeling weaker at the same time depressed because he had to spend another P131 daily for its cure. But his situation only got worst. He observed his hands started to shake involuntarily. Worried, he had a check up and the doctor said he had Parkinson’s disease.

He looked older than his age

Mang Ernesto recounted, “Minsan kahit alam ko sa isip ko na kukunin ko ang isang bagay, pero yung kamay ko pu


mupunta sa ibabaw ng ulo ko, hindi ko makontrol.” (Sometimes I know in my mind that I am going to grab something, but my hand would go over my head uncontrolably.)  Aside from that, he said he also felt he was losing his memory from Alzeimer’s). “Pag may ipinapakilala sa akin, hindi ko natatandaan ang pangalan, pero kilala ko ang mukha kaya ngumingiti 

na lang ako sa kanya para kunwari kilala ko siya.” (When somebody is introduced to me then, I could not remember his name, but I could recognize his face, so I would just smile at him to pretend that I know him).He said further by having Parkinson’s disease he could not move his  feet, when he walked he  dragged them. That is why he was called “kagawad robot” by his townmates. He hated it that he was only 47 years old yet he looked like he was 80!

ImageHe was getting weaker and thinner, melting away like a candle by the day. He was desperate, hopeless. He stopped working and serving, on top of it he had to queue up most of the time at government and senators’ offices to beg for financial assistance to pay for his medications –  P42 for diabetes, P131 for tuberculosis, and P181 for Parkinson’s. That’s  P354 a day!

Hope came unexpectedly to him last year when he was introduced to Ms. Cora Medel, co-founder of HWIC, who brought him to product presenter Ray An Noriega  who gave him two free Green Barley Total Food bottles. He did not drink it at first but when one night he couldn’t sleep, he tried it. The following days he was consuming two capfuls a day until his wife noticed that his hands were not shaking anymore! He went back to Ray An, this time to buy one box of Green Barley juice, and after months of taking them his Parkinson’s disease was incredibly cured! Not only that, his tuberculosis was healed too and so was his diabetes (his blood sugar is maintained at 99, before it seldom went down from 300). He got his memory back, he looked younger, he regained his strength and gym-fit body! The only explanation for this could be the live enzymes innate in “green barley grass” that help stop premature ageing and repair degenerative cells. Early this year, he got rid of all his medicine and just continues to drink Green Barley Total Food everyday for sustenance. If there’s one thing Mang Ernesto is grateful for, it’s the fact that God through Green Barley “saved him from getting old too soon!”

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